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Unravelling your shared property, joint accounts, outstanding bills and debts and superannuation can be a perplexing task for anyone facing separation and divorce.

Getting reliable legal help at this time can make a world of difference, and these days need not result in a ‘lawyers at 50 paces’ situation. We are a modern and forward thinking law firm, and have years of experience helping clients find advantageous solutions in the most creative of ways.

Leaving Universal Lawyers to resolve your property and financial disputes will not only mean less stress for you, but will also reduce your costs considerably in the longer term. 


No doubt you are being inundated with ‘helpful advice’ from your loving family, friends and colleagues who are now experts in family law.

At Universal Lawyers we can help you understand the facts regarding your rights and responsibilities in your personal situation. 

  • Everything in a divorce is split 50/50 = MYTH

  • If we weren’t married my former partner gets nothing = MYTH

  • I can leave the family home without forfeiting my rights = TRUE

  • Engaging a property lawyer means I am less likely to end up in court = TRUE

  • Only financial contributions count = MYTH

Property settlements can also involve far more than selling a matrimonial home. We can assist you with various other aspects of financial settlements, including:

  • Superannuation splitting

  • Spousal maintenance

  • Property restructuring opportunities

  • Alternative dispute resolution such as negotiation, mediation and arbitration

  • Applications to protect assets

  • Estate planning

  • Shared debts and liabilities

  • Investment adjustments

  • Interim property measures

  • Child Support

  • Bankruptcy

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