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We cannot stress enough that you should contact us before you are due in court.

In our experience people accused of criminal offences do significantly better if they get competent legal advice and representation at an early stage.

We strive to provide you with an outstanding legal service.

We conduct a painstaking and meticulous examination of the prosecution case against you so as to reveal any weaknesses in the case, and we investigate and advise you about every possible viable defence available to you. We vigorously assert your rights in all situations.

We will give you advice about the strength of the prosecution case so that you can be fully informed to make it easier for you when deciding whether to plead guilty or not guilty. We speak with the Police or other prosecuting authority on your behalf and can often get charges withdrawn this way. If you have not already been charged, it is sometime possible to convince the Police not to charge you at all. We take time to understand what is important to you or your family.

Often what is most important is avoiding a criminal conviction or avoiding a custodial penalty, or keeping your driving license. If you are in custody, or warrants have been issued for your arrest we vigorously pursue a grant of bail [refer below for more information] on your behalf by application to the Local Court and if necessary to the Supreme Court.

Not only do we prepare your case very carefully, but we also help you and any witnesses you have to prepare for your case. We explain to you what you can expect when you have go to Court. We advise you about character references, if you need them and what you should wear when you go to Court. We take the time and care necessary to thoroughly prepare the matter for the court.



Speaking with the Judge


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